Eddie Bravo Talks Metamoris 3 Huge Demand

Metamoris 3 promoters are stoked as ticket sales for Metamoris 3: Royler Gracie v Eddie Bravo sold out quickly. Both top billing participants are stoked at the success. Eddie Bravo was ecstatic: "The Metamoris trailer got 80k views in 5 days and the show sold out in 5 hours, it is incredibly surreal to be part of such a historic event. Now it's up to Royler and I to go after each other like wild savages of submission".
Metamoris 3 takes place on March 29, 2014in LA, California. Now the only chance to watch the event live is on their webcast, that is being offered at 50% off for a limited time (until January 31, 2014).  To take advantage of the early bird deal go to

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