Rickson Gracie in Tahiti - IBJJF April Schedule - Pedro Sauer Camp

Rickson Tahiti

It never ceases to amaze us the breadth of Jiu-Jitsu reach in the World. Suffice it so say that this past weekend Master Rickson Gracie was in Tahiti, French Polynesia to (read more)

IBJJF April Schedule

The expansion and reach of Jiu-Jitsu is further confirm by the sheer number of tournaments around the World by a number of organizations. All one needs to look at is the IBJJF’s April competition schedule as they are conducting 10 (read more)

Master Pedro Sauer Cruise

Master Pedro Sauer is having a great event ahead a boat cruise with Jiu-Jitsu instruction to boot. The Master Sauer on the Jiu-Jitsu Cruise to Cozumel will be on July 10-17. Family and group discounts, room sharing available for individuals wanting to save on cost. 

Contact Kathryn at Full details at

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