Sometimes New BJJ Techniques are NOT What You Need

I get a lot of questions asking for particular BJJ techniques to beat different types of bodies.

And there is a funny trend I’ve noticed from all the messages I receive. That trend is that both big people and small people alike are asking for advice against one another.

My larger viewers are frustrated with the mobility and movement of their smaller Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training partners and competitors.

Likewise, the smaller BJJ players are frustrated with the size and strength of their larger Brazilian Jiu-jitsu counterparts.

So in this video I wanted to share a thought with you, which is it’s not techniques you need.

Rather it’s using the techniques you already have against the various conditions that different body types present.

There are certain times when you will need a specific technique to complete your game and plug up a gap you might have. But in many cases in BJJ, I’ve noticed that it’s not that people lack techniques. It’s that they aren’t able to apply the techniques they already have.

This was the case for me as a young Blue Belt when a big strong Wrestler came into the gym. Technically I was superior, but his size and strength just messed me up.

I became more frustrated every time I lost during a roll.

Eventually 1 week we were forced to roll with each other so much during our BJJ training that I completely lost all the irritation I was harboring. And it allowed me to relax and find a way to make things work.

Eventually, during that week I started hitting him with the same techniques I had tried to from the beginning. But for some reason, now they worked.

So if you’re having trouble against a particular body type or style. Sometimes you need a new technique. This is true. But sometimes you just need more time with that body type to figure out how to use your techniques against them.

I hope the video and BJJ information in it is helpful to you.


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