Simple Crossface Counter against Side Control Escape – Nick Albin

In this video I share a really really basic Crossface technique you can use for BJJ to counter someone who is trying to do a basic Side Control Escape.

I share some details about how the Crossface can be used in Wrestling and then give 1 example of using it in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

The Crossface is one of those techniques that’s pretty much in the category of grip fighting and controlling position. It’s not fun, it’s not sexy. But it’s brutally effective! And it comes in handy for so many positions. Whether its fighting for takedowns, preventing a person from turning or even keeping someone back so they can’t get leg locks!

I mean, it’s basically a forearm in the face!

So if you’re training Brazilian Jiujitsu and you’re trying to prevent your opponent from being able to get close to you. Then see if you can incorporate a Cross face to keep them back.

I know the technique in this video seems brain-numbingly simple. But give it a try. I know that I learned this technique as a White Belt and it came into immediate use in competitions.

I hope the BJJ technique works for you!

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