Overcoming Anxiety about BJJ Training after a Knee Injury

Getting back to BJJ after an injury always sucks and there is often a period of nervousness associated with it. No one wants to get injured. So when you get back you’re trying to avoid that from happening again.

Recently I received a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu related question concerning returning after a knee injury.

He said that he had an MCL injury but it did not require surgery, just physical therapy. As his injury is healing up he is becoming nervous about getting back into BJJ. The anxiety of sustaining another injury is there.

So the question boils down to, how does he get back into the right mindset for BJJ training after an injury?

In this video I discuss my most recent knee injury and how I experienced the same sorts of uneasy feelings. Then I talk about how I eased back into my Brazilian Jiujitsu training using a slow and gradual process broken up over several weeks.

If you’re someone that has recently had a knee injury from BJJ training and you’re experiencing the same anxious, nervous feelings that Eric and I have. Then I hope this video is helpful to you.


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