How I Wasted a Year Training BJJ in a Basement – Nick Albin

What is the most efficient way to train BJJ? Is training yourself Brazilian Jiu-jitsu an effective way to learn?

In this video I touch on this subject.

Our friend Nate on Youtube sent a message saying that he wants to maximize his time and save money by training with his friend in a basement first before he eventually joins his local 10th Planet gym.

He’s doing this to sort of bypass the White Belt phase of his training and prepare for his Blue Belt.

As I share in the video I think this is a bad idea for your BJJ growth. Primarily because I’ve done it.

When I started training. Piecing together moves in my basement with my friends was the way I began my Brazilian Jiujitsu experience.

We did this for about a year.

When I eventually stepped into an actual BJJ program led by an expert. I realized I wasted so much time training myself.

In any form of Martial Arts. It’s always a more effective means to growth to learn from someone who has been there before.

If you’re contemplating joining a BJJ gym or training yourself. I hope the video is helpful to you!


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