Effective but Sneaky Way to Take Mount in BJJ – Nick Albin

In this video I show you an effective and sneaky way to take Mount in BJJ. Maybe sneaky isn’t the best way of describing it but it’s the best word I’ve got.

In BJJ I love finding ways to lure my opponents into giving me the movement I need to take the positions or submissions I want. This makes it much easier and more efficient on me.

In this video I share a few things.

1. A simple option to negate the common forearm under the neck when you’re on top in side control.

2. How to lure your opponent into letting you take Mount. Sort of.

3. A way to drill this movement.

The basic idea is that I am going to allow space in a very deliberate way. Giving up space is usually a no no in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. But in this case, we are planning on it. So it’s alright.

I give the person a very limited range of movement. And if he/she moves into this the way that I intend (which they do more often than not). I’ll step over to Mount.

You’re basically laying a trap for your opponent to walk into.

In Brazilian Jiujitsu. You can break most moves into 3 categories. Offensive, Defensive and Counters. Counters in BJJ have the potential to be especially nasty. They often take the wind out of someone’s sails so-to-speak.

In this Mount setup, which is a counter, I let the person feel like they have a potential escape. And as they move into it I spring the counter and advance my position.

Hope the technique is helpful! Give it a try in your BJJ training and see if it works.

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