Buchecha: The return of the best heavyweight grappler ever.

Buchecha Mini Doc

Everybody wonders who is the best pound for pound grappler in the world and there is much debate to this topic. However there is one person that many consider the greatest heavyweight and open class champion of all time without a doubt. This person goes by the name of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida and is one of the most exciting jiu-jitsu grapplers of our time.

He dominated for years in the heavyweight and open class divisions which has made him one of the biggest superstars in jiu-jitsu. In 2015 World Championship he had a freak leg injury that would side line Buchecha for the year and undergo surgery. There are many people who though Buchecha’s career was over and if he did come back he would not be able to win and dominate like he had did in the past. In 2016 Buchecha returned to claim his both his titles yet again despite setbacks and cement himself as the greatest heavyweight and some consider the best grapplers of all time.

Video by:

Director: Alex Nazari
Producer: Ryan Hahn

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