Banded Exercise / Stretch for Over Worked BJJ shoulders

In BJJ one of the areas that often gets over worked is our shoulders. I know for me personally, fighting for under hooks from half guard often wears my shoulders out.

I’ve talked about in previous videos that I believe I injured my shoulder sometime during the IBJJF No Gi Pans back in October of 2016.

After an assessment from my friend Eugene who runs the Jiu-jitsu Therapist channel and podcast, and who is a Physical Therapist.

He determined that structurally I felt good. It didn’t feel like my shoulder injury was related to tears or anything of that nature. But rather more than likely inflammation do to over use and being overworked.

So he gave me some simple exercises to do it order to help my injury and I will be sharing several of them in future videos.

In this video is a simple movement based exercise using a band to create a posterior mobilization in order to free up space for the joint of the shoulder.

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