3 Tips for Holding Side Control against a Bigger Opponent (Don’t Be Too Tight) – Nick Albin

After a recent BJJ match where I was faced against a bigger opponent. Many of you commented with several questions.

One of those questions pertained to holding side control against a bigger opponent and also asking what I was doing with my legs.

In this video I show a few simple tips for holding side control against a bigger opponent.

One of the biggest tips I would like to drive home through this video is the idea that even when you have a strong position in side control. Be careful about squeezing too tight.

When you’re up against a person with a sizable difference in strength, weight, size, etc in Brazilian Jiujitsu. It’s smart to always be on the lookout for the roll.

I show some tips on how to apply pressure using the body in lieu of just squeezing the arms.

Hope this video helps you hold side control against bigger stronger opponents.


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