Zé Radiola on seminar tour in Europe

Budapest, Hungary, setting for the 2010 Hungary Open. Photo: Publicity.

Gracie Barra Pernambuco leader José Olímpio da Rocha, better known as Zé Radiola, has his bags packed for a season of seminars throughout Europe.

This year he will hold seminars in Nice (south of France), Paris, Moscow, Budapeste, and Vienna, and in Mansfield and Birmingham (both in England).

Besides the seminars, Zé and student Max Carvalho (Gracie Barra Hungary) will organize the Hungary Open for the sixth year in a row.

“The championship in Hungary, besides being a major event on the Eastern European calendar, it’s a chance for us to get together, since my students living in Europe meet to participate in the organizing the championship and the seminar. And we’ll also make the most of it to train together!” says the good-natured Zé Radiola.

For further information on the seminars, contact

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