Xande’s hardcore training with Alejarra

Xande lifts heavy with Alejarra. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

Physical conditioning coach of the MMA stars Rafael Alejarra is now trying his hand with some great black belts from the gentle art, like Royler Gracie and André Galvão.

Two-time absolute world champion Xande Ribeiro is also getting in shape under the Brazilian’s instructions, and he has little excuse should he skip a session, seeing as his academy, University of Jiu-Jitsu, is just a stone’s throw from Alejarra’s gym, in San Diego. The fighter is plugging along strong in training and says he’s likely to show up for the 2011 Worlds.

During’s stop through in California, we couldn’t miss the chance to check out this training session up close and share it with our readers.

Check out the video and photos below:

[flickr set=72157626266713748]

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