World Pro tryouts set to shake up Las Vegas

Photo: publicity

Fernando Paradeda, as previously reported here on, is responsible for the Abu Dhabi World Pro tryouts in Las Vegas, Sand Diego, and Gramado, Brazil, all with a lot of news surrounding them. For example, the World Pro Kids tournament will take place simultaneously, as will the World Pro Masters and Seniors, for athletes over thirty-two years of age, and the No-Gi World Pro, which will reward the winner a ticket to the main event, in Abu Dhabi.

“Each of the tryouts will pay out a total of 80 thousand dollars in prizes. It’ll be awesome,” says Paradeda, who is in Las Vegas to iron out the final details regarding the event, and there may be even more news coming.

Sign-ups are already open for the January 29 Las Vegas event. The organization offers a reduced rate for anyone who signs up by January 18.

For further information and to secure your place in the event, click here.

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