World Pro: Las Vegas tryouts filling up

Sports Center Las Vegas, venue for the trials / Photo: Publicity

Black belt Fernando Paradeda is responsible for three of the five-star qualifiers providing all-expenses-paid trips to the Abu Dhabi World pro. The first of them starts January 29 in Las Vegas. And preparations for the event including a seminar by Carlson Gracie black belt Zé Mario Sperry are at full throttle.

“Spots in some of the divisions in Las Vegas will run out before the sign-up deadline, January 27. Demand is high,” he warns. Click here for further information.

The second tryout organized by Paradeda will take place March 5 and 6 in San Diego, California. Registration begins February 1. Click here to find out more.

Furthermore, the Gramado, Brazil, tryouts ( are set for March 19 and 20.

Paradeda’s tryouts have some differentiating factors, like no-gi matches (worth a trip to Abu Dhabi) and parallel events for kids and master and senior division athletes. In all, thirteen champions will earn a trip to the main event in Abu Dhabi with all expenses paid, not to mention cash prizes. Counting all the rewards, each qualifier will pay out a total of eighty thousand dollars in cash and prizes to its participants. The events will also be broadcast live. Sign up now!

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