World Pro: Cyborg pays tribute to “Ceará” and confirms fights with Bochecha

Cyborg gave a free pass to "brother" Vagner in the absolute final. Photo: Dan Rod.

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu kicked off 2011 the way he ended 2010: at the top.

At the World Pro tryouts in New Jersey the teacher living in Florida closed out with his teammates once again. But he said that won’t be happening anymore.

“The event was great, although I wasn’t training that hard because I was setting up my new academy in Florida, but I felt really good at the event. I closed out both divisions: my weight group with (Marcus Vinicius) “Bochecha” and the absolute with (Vagner Rocha) “Ceará”, he said.

“Bochecha is gold, we’ve been training together for some time and we’ve become great friends. But for sure, regardless of our friendship, we’re going to fight at upcoming events,” pondered Abreu.

“Now Ceará is my brother, truth is I ended up competing in the absolute because of him. I’m really happy he conquered this title. Now it’s all about the Abu Dhabi Pro. I hope to keep up the results and outdo myself with every day. This year will be excellent!” he says in finishing, sending his best regards to readers.

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