World champion Gezary Matuda on training with mentor Anderson Silva

Matura got her start in BJJ as she trained Muay Thai with Anderson Silva.

Three-time BJJ world champion Gezary Matuda recently helped with Anderson Silva’s ground training for his bout against Derek Brunson next Saturday the 11th. Matuda, of Frota Team, sat down for an interview following the experience. Here are some of her thoughts.

Anderson is phenomenal, a complete athlete with refined BJJ. Those who have never seen him train in the gi are missing out big time. He has an arsenal of positions and submissions which, in fact, I have the privilege to learn. I believe he will put on a show and will be the Spider we all know. He is parched for victory. As he’s been saying himself, there’s still plenty of wood to burn. I’m betting on a knockout, but rooting for a submission.

Matuda and Silva, it turns out, go way back.

Many people don’t know, but Anderson was my first teacher. Yes, I started out in Muay Thai. We are very close, because he is also best friends with my husband, Katel Kubis. So I had the pleasure and opportunity to get started in martial arts through this legend. But, despite this privilege, I ended up opting to dedicate myself to BJJ, and I believe I made the right call.

While her own MMA career is still up in the air, Matuda is gearing up for an outstanding year in BJJ. Following her triumph at the European last month, her next competition will be the Pan, slated for March in the U.S.

In June, alongside Mackenzie Dern, she will host the Private BJJ Camps. The seminar will take place in the French town of Cannes and has a limited number of spots open to fighters of all belts.

[Based on a press release.]

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