Winners of the Bráulio rash guard contest

Estima and family / Photo: Daren Bartlett

Over the GRACIEMAG Facebook page we called on the Jiu-Jitsu crew to participate and join the running for the rash guard Bráulio Estima wore in beating Ronaldo Jacaré at ADCC 2011 (not the exact same one; this one’s clean).

Over the course of the contest, we got more than 500 new Jiu-Jitsu practitioners to like our page and contribute inspiring messages about the biggest match of Gracie Barra ace “Carcará’s” career. Thanks goes out to all those who participated and posted messages.

The two winning readers were Jon Broster (England) and Eduardo Oliveira (Brazil). What stuck out in Broster’s memory was the reverse triangle Carcará sprung on André Galvão at ADCC 2009, which he eloquently described as being a move that symbolizes Jiu-Jitsu’s ongoing evolution. Now as for Eduardo, he remembered the match Bráulio won after running from work to the shopping mall in Recife where the tournament was being held, during the trying early days of smooth champion’s career.

Check out the winning messages over on Facebook and keep collaborating, loyal Jiu-Jitsu lover. Once we hit 10,000 thumbs up, we’ll run another contest!

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