“Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to cope at middleweight, with Sergio and Marcelo”

Enjoying a twenty-day stay in Italy, put up at a cozy home and training with some local beasts, Fernando Tererê is already dreaming of his return to top-flight competition.

“I’ve been heavily criticized, so the news I’m sending in is really important for me recovering a good image,” vents Tererê. “Now I intend to dedicate myself more and be more focused on training and the goings-on in sport Jiu-Jitsu, since after so long away, things have changed a lot. That’s where I’m training quietly, doing my physical conditioning work to – who knows? – be able to cope at middleweight, along with Sergio (Moraes) and Marcelo (Garcia).

Fernando has been training with brothers Fabio and Luca Anacoreta and their physical conditioning coach Micro. Moreover, he is celebrating having come up with a new sponsor, a European brand of gis.

“We going over details and positions, since the kids are already good and have been standing out around here, thanks to “ET”, their black belt teacher,” he says in praise.

Tererê is getting ready to hold three seminars in the country, two in Rome and one in Florence.

Photo: Publicity.

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