What will the first post-UFC Rio Jungle Fight be like?

Wallid Ismail, who nearly stole the show at the UFC with his facial and mouth expressions while cornering Paulo Thiago, is now back to wearing his promoter hat. Photo: Jesus Henrique.

What has changed in Brazil’s MMA scene since the historic UFC Rio show? Let’s start by looking at the date September 10. That’s when Jungle Fight 32 is set to go down at São Paulo’s Ibirapuera Park.

The evening’s main event will be a bantamweight title draw between Iliarde Santos and John Lineker, both of whom are from the Brazilian state of Paraná. To attend the event, the public will need only to show up at event time and present an invitation, which will be handed out for free in a number of locations a few days before the competition. The locations where invites will be handed out will be released shortly. Maximum capacity at the venue is 10,000 people. Check out the card being released by the promotion:

Jungle Fight 32
Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil
September 10, 2011

Iliarde Santos (Ulisses Pereira Team) vs Jonh Lineker (Emporium Team) – Under 61kg (bantamweight) title fight
Neilson Araujo (Champions Team) vs Jeremy Franklin Umphrie (Werdun Team) – Under-70kg (lightweight)
Paulo Henrique “PH” (Machida Team) vs Charles Michael (Miguel Repanas Team) – Under 77kg (welterweight)
Wendel Negão (Gracie Fusion/Mangueira) vs Thiago Passos (Bolado Team) – Under 77kg (welterweight)
Bruno Capelosa (Equipe Gracie Fusion/Veras TK) vs Dirley “Mão de Pedra” (Equipe Mão de Pedra) – Under-95kg (light heavyweight)
Serginho vieira (Luciano Nucci/ Vera TK) vs Reginaldo Vieira (Peso pesado / Bolado) – Under-66kg (featherweight)
Douglas Silva (Xgym Team) vs João Paulo de Carvalho (Chute Boxe/Bauru) – Under-84kg (middleweight)


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