Watch Comprido’s submission at the Chicago Open

In 2010, Rodrigo Comprido won the absolute adult division at the inaugural IBJJF Chicago Open.

This year, the Jiu-Jitsu coach to Brock Lesnar and a number of other aces decided to head to the master division, where he put in a fine display yet again, closing out with his student Jonatas Novaes, an MMA fighter who ended up taking the gold in the official result.

“We took the team championship with more points than the second and third place teams combined,” said a jubilant Rodrigo. “I negotiated a sponsorship deal with the Warrior International brand and we competed under the name Brasa Warrior. It was the first time a team used the name of a sponsor when registering its athletes. With the win, I hope we manage to renew the sponsorship and thus draw more companies that are more focused on MMA to Jiu-Jitsu. I’d like to congratulate all my students for having a great championship and helping me achieve this objective.”

Check out Rodrigo’s submission on the gray mats in Chicago.

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