Wanderlei Silva: “I want to give the fans a big knockout”

Wand promises to put on a show at UFC 110. Photo: Josh Hedges

Wanderlei Silva faces Michael Bisping at UFC 110, to take place February 20 in Australia. Coming off two losses in a row, the latest a decision dropped to Rich Franklin at UFC 99, Wand knows how important a win is to him now.

“This is a new time in my life. I’m hungry. I need a win; I have to win. I will try for a win from the first minute to the last. This fight is really important to me. I don’t just have to put on a show, I have to win,” says an adamant “Axe Murderer”, who, despite confirming the importance of the challenge to him, will not stray from his principal characteristic: that of a showman.

“I don’t fight for money. I fight because I like it. I like to get the crowd moving and that’s what I’m going to do in Australia. I’m going to drive the crowd wild.”

On Bisping, Wand is respectful.

“I watched his fights and he really is a great fighter. I’m studying his game and I’m preparing myself specifically for him. I’m not going to be fighting an easy opponent. I’m training hard and he really is a tough guy. I have to respect all my opponents. Every fight is tough for me.

And, if he promises to put on a show in Sydney, the Brazilian hopes the challenge will be a knockout in his favor.

“I like to fight standing. I’m not afraid of punches or cuts. I’m not afraid of anything. I want to give the fans a big knockout. I don’t believe this guy is strong enough to knock me out. That’s what I feel,” he is quoted as sayin on the official UFC website.

And Wand is putting in the time in preparing for this bout. Check out the video of the fighter training with Renato Babalu and Fabricio Werdum, among other beats:

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