Wand’s devotion to Helio Gracie: “Thank you, Master”

Master Helio featured on wall of Wand's academy, one of his favorite photos. Photo: Publicity

Wanderlei Silva is heading for London. Across the pond, alongside son Thor, taking a front row seat at UFC 121, Wand will teach ten seminars that, besides teaching his broad array of standup techniques, won’t be lacking in Jiu-Jitsu positions.

A black belt in the gentle art, Wand recognizes the achievements of one of the grandmasters, Helio Gracie.

“He really was the man, a tough guy who never backed down from a fight. Master Helio changed and continues to change the lives of many, as he did mine. Thank you Master Helio,” says Wanderlei over Twitter, after posting a photo of Helio hanging on the wall of his academy in Las Vegas.

“All MMA academies in the world should have a photo of Master Helio. Thank you for everything, Master, you’ll be remembered forever,” he said in finishing.

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