Wand implies Shogun fought hurt against Hendo

Shogun mounted but didn’t take it. Photo: Josh Hedges/UFC.

“It was one of the three best fights in UFC history”. So president Dana White summed up the epic battle between former champion Mauricio Rua and Dan Henderson, on Saturday – something that has indeed occurred frequently with the war between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard, among other.

With Shogun and Henderson, after five rounds the American won by unanimous decision, but White said he saw it as a draw. Other stars, such as Jon Jones, saw Shogun’s victory.

However, a message by Wanderlei Silva, Yesterday, on Twitter, intrigued MMA fans even more.

“You fought with a pure heart, almost killed me from screaming in the locker room. You’re the most talented fighter I know”, Wanderlei began. “The decisions are yours, but as your friend I have to say, you didn’t have to go through this, for this fight… Shogun, you kill him if you were 100% !”, wrote, implying that his former Chute Boxe mate fought injured or in trouble, probably in the clavicle.

“You know I’m your fan, I wanna see you with that belt and we know you can, go for it, brother! I like you a lot, Shogun, you know it”, Silva concluded.

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