Vinicius Marinho replaces Tanquinho in Copa Pódio


Marinho practices with absolute champion Rodolfo Vieira, wherever they are. Photo: William Burkhardt (

The lightweight Vinicius Marinho (GFTeam), Rio Open 2011 runner-up, accepted the invitation to represent the partner academy Soul Fighters during the first edition of Copa Pódio de Jiu-Jitsu, on December 17.

The athlete accepted the invitation from Tanquinho himself, which was unable to participate in the competition due to a knee injury.

“I liked a lot the invitation and solution presented by Soul Fighters team, and I imagine that this is a trend for future editions, when the teams won’t have athletes available in the disputed category”, opined Jeferson Maycá, from organization. “Indeed, the idea of ​​working with extra athletes is already very real in my projections for the next events. In my opinion, it is a major step towards the professionalization of Jiu-Jitsu. The academies have to come prepared for the circuit”.

If GFTeam, represented by Denilson Pimenta, does not end among the top five teams (which qualifies for the middleweight GP), and Vinicius Marinho gets it representing Soul Fighters, Copa Pódio promises to reward GFTeam.

Tickets for the event are on sale now. See the information on the site

Copa Pódio – Lightweight GP 

Green Group

GFTeam (Denilson Pimenta) vs Atos (Ed Ramos)

Cícero Costha (Leandro Lo)

Alliance (Moacir Mendes Jr.)

Lloyd Irvin (JT Torres)

Yellow Group

Checkmat (Helder Medeiros)

Soul Fighters (Vinicius Marinho)

Nova União (Eduardo Pessoa)

Brazilian Top Team (Leonardo Saggioro)

Gracie Barra (Claudio Caloquinha)

Superfight: (Guetho) Guto Campos vs (Renzo Gracie) Augusto Tio Chico


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