Video: Mackenzie Dern gets a finish at LFA 24 to stay undefeated

With Marcus Buchecha in her corner, Mackenzie Dern attacked her opponent’s neck for a R1 win. Mike Jackson

This Friday, at LFA 24 in Phoenix, Ariz., BJJ world champion Mackenzie Dern had another convincing showing in mixed martial arts. The Gracie Humaitá black-belt needed less than three minutes to get her fourth win in as many bouts.

Following some trouble staying a strawweight, Mack moved up to fight in the flyweight division — a division recently added to the UFC. Her opponent, Mandy Polk, was bigger and stronger at the weigh-in, but nothing that some great technique couldn’t make up for.

Dern performed well on her feet. With accurate jabs and confidence in her striking, she took Polk down after a nice sequence of punches that resulted in a knock-down. On the ground, Dern went straight to the back and sank a rear naked choke 2′ 55″ in. You can watch it play out in this video.



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