Victor Estima: “I’ll do justice to my ADCC invite!”

Bad news for Gregor Gracie, great news for Victor Estima.

Because the former injured out of ADCC 2011, the latter inherited the berth in the under-77kg division.

The news was released today by the event’s organizers. swiftly made contact with the Brazilian residing in England, to find out how he took the news.

“It’s an honor to participate in the ADCC. I grew up hearing about the fighters who participated in the event, like Renzo, Royler, Arona and so many others. It was always a dream of mine,” revealed Carcarazinho.

Estima further revealed that he was already in training, even without confirmation he would get a chance to compete at the September 24 and 25 event in Nottingham, England: “I’ve been doing a good job of preparing, doing physical conditioning, wrestling and plenty of wrestling with my brother Bráulio, Lúcio Lagarto and Pablo Popovitch, as well as training with my students. I’m feeling great, better than ever.”

In wrapping up, Victor made a promise: “I hope to do justice to the invite by showing attacking Jiu-Jitsu.”

Stay tuned to the GRACIEMAG ADCC blog for complete coverage on ADCC 2011.

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