Unorthodox Positions DVD Update

Recently I taught a seminar on Unorthodox BJJ Positions. The success of this seminar inspired me to write a series of newsletters on how touse unusual positions to confuse, frustrate and ultimately submit your opponent.

If you missed those posts you can read them again here:

At this seminar I actually had a camera crew film the whole affair with HD cameras. I didn’t dwell on this earlier because I wanted to see what the footage looked like before I made a decision to release it or not.

We’ve been editing this footage in secret, and I’m now convinced that it’s going to be a very useful and informative product. I’d forgotten how many techniques, concepts and details I shared at that seminar!

If you’re interested in finding out more about these positions, as well as the entries, transitions and attacks that you can do from there, check out my instructional book and video package called Unorthodox Positions and Attacks.

This is my go-to archive of favorite strategies and techniques that I use when facing those opponents that are tough to tap out with ‘conventional’ attacks.

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