Two GB Compnet tourneys on tap for October

The guys at Gracie Barra have got some big fun brewing for the gi-clad warriors belonging to their network of academies.

The little ones have the most fun, at GB Compnet events.

GB Compnet, the division responsible for putting together internal competitions, has put together two tournaments for the first half of October so students can get a chance to test their skills, have some fun, make new friends, and meet members of the other Gracie Barra schools from around the US.

The first of them – and the tenth GB Compnet tournament thus far – takes place October 1 in Humble, Texas. Anyone hoping to get in on the action should rush to sign up by the September 29 registration deadline, but registering by the 25th gets a discount.

The second GBCN tourney this October will be held in Irvine, California, on the 15th. The sign-up deadline for that one is October 13, but anybody who registers by the 9th pays less.

To find out more about or  join the fun at either of the two gentle art extravaganzas, click here.

Check out the sterling performance of young Charles Bullock at the last GB Compnet event:

And check out this month’s Gracie Barra newsletter here.

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