Tito Ortiz Periscope Q&A: UFC Fixes Fights

Tito Ortiz says UFC fixes fights in a recent social media chat posted on Periscope. Among other things, he discussed his third and last fight with Forrest Griffin, in which he describes how he knocked Griffin down three times and took him down four times.

Ortiz stated that he gave him (Griffin) “an ***-whooping” and that “For the first time in UFC history, they give ‘strikes attempted.’ What the **** is strikes attempted?” Ortiz says.

In his interview, the UFC Hall Of Famer also Tells Fans Not To Listen To “Bullsh*t Joe Rogan Says” and watch the fights for themselves. Ortiz is not the only ex-fighter to come out with these claims, as similar allegations of fight-fixing were made recently by Wanderlei Silva. Many claim that Silva and Ortiz are merely bitter at the UFC. Ortiz now fights with rival promoter Bellator.

Thus far, there has been no comment from the UFC or its President Dana White against these allegations.

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