This Might Be The Best Way To Escape The Omoplata Submission In Jiu-Jitsu

The Omoplata is a devastatingly powerful submission in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you don’t tap on time – or if you don’t escape – then you can be guaranteed serious shoulder injuries… That will take a long, long time to heal. It’s never a fun time with healing the shoulder. Trust us (it’s the experience talking). So, you better learn some escape techniques. And, well, Bernardo Faria has one of the best Omoplata escape techniques out there! Watch it on the video below: Stop Getting Tapped Out So Much And Learn The Right Ways To Escape From Grappling’s Most Common Submission Holds – Especially Designed For Older Students Who Want To Find Ways To Beat Their Opponents – With This Series From 5-Time Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria. Bernardo Faria won 5 black belt IBJJF World Championships using these systems – and now he teaches every detail so it can help you. Move from position to position as Bernardo gives you deep insight into how you can rapidly improve this fundamental skill. The post This Might Be The Best Way To Escape The Omoplata Submission In Jiu-Jitsu appeared first on Bjj Eastern Europe .
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