There’s never before been a Pan with so many world champions

Bruno Malfacine and Felipe Costa at the Worlds, in photo by Regis Chen. Both athletes will be at the 2011 Pan.

Yes, the 2011 Pan will be the greatest Pan-American Jiu-Jitsu tournament since 1995, the year the championship was created.

The reason isn’t a record number of athletes to sign up, as occurs year after year – a sign Jiu-Jitsu is netting more and more white belts every year. (In 2010 the Pan brought in around 2,800 athletes).

Looking to the top of the pyramid, one will also notice the size of the IBJJF Pan, especially this year’s.

This year the California-based tournament promises to draw around nine current black belt world champions. An absolute record.

Check out the black belts who won the last World Championship, in 2010, and now look good to appear at the 2011 Pan.

Sign up for the event by clicking here, time’s running out.

And visit the GRACIEMAG at the Pan 2011 Blog by clicking here.

Bernardo Faria (heavyweight)
Michael Langhi (lightweight)
Rafael Mendes (featherweight)
Bruno Malfacine (roosterweight)
Marcus Vinícius Almeida (brown belt absolute)

Luanna Alzuguir (absolute)
Gabrielle Garcia (heavyweight)
Michelle Nicolini (medium heavyweight)
Hilllary Williams (middleweight)

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