The Reverse Mount; Another Unorthodox BJJ Position

The first time I saw the Reverse Mount I was at an Erik Paulson seminar. My reaction was something like “yeah, right….”

I honestly thought that Erik had run out of high percentage things to teach and was now just making stuff up.

Knowing Erik though, I really shouldn’t have doubted him…

As soon as I used the reverse mount in sparring I realized that my opponent had no clue about what to do. In addition, the pressure on his diaphragm turned out to be quite intense, making it hard for him to breath.

This is an application of choking your opponent’s diaphragm instead of his neck.

Difficulty breathing = panic = doing something stupid = easy submission! I finished my partner with a submission and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

After that I started using it fairly regularly. I even won the a BJJ tournament with it: I started in North South, jumped up and forward to get to Reverse Mount, and then sunk in a kneebar (a breakdown of that finish, and a video of it, made it into my Dynamic Kneebars DVD).

It’s funny, before you identify something as a position it just looks like a wacky tangle of legs and arms. You think to yourself “how could I ever end up in that silly position?”

But after you isolate it and give it a name you start seeing it much more often. Grapplers may not mean to end up there, but they do anyway.

And you see this position even at the highest levels: I remember watching two top ranked fighters in Pride end up in this position and stalemate there for what seemed like hours (in reality it was probably only a few minutes).

It’s so unusual that the vast majority of people trapped on the bottom have no idea how to escape from here or even what kind of submissions to expect.  (To my loyal readers I’ll spill the beans and tell you that most of the attacks from here involve leglocks, but don’t tell anyone…)

Knowing how to apply a few so-called ‘specialty’ positions can be an absolute ace up your sleeve!

P.S.  It’s really hard to get good information about the Reverse Mount position (unless you train with Erik Paulson).  That’s why I created the “Unorthodox Positions and Attacks” DVD, which takes you through the entries, transitions, and submissions you need to know for three of my favorite unorthodox positions.  It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for an unfair advantage on the mats.

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