Tererê comments on his greatest victory

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During one of the worst phases in his battle with drug addiction, Fernando Tererê weighed as little as 65 kg (145 lbs). The fighter has recovered quickly with his dedication to training and physical conditioning.

After five months in rehab, he put it in his head that only sport could save him and was invited to train at Alliance, under the watchful eyes of Alexandre Paiva and Fabio Gurgel. After two months training in Rio de Janeiro, Tererê was sought out by his former student Pedro Bessa and his girlfriend to spend some time outside of Brazil. The two spoke with the fighter’s family, said it would be an excellent opportunity to learn English and get to know other cultures. The black belt then set off for countries like England, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, and Italy.

“I didn’t expect things to happen so quickly but, on the other hand, it’s a blessing for my parents, who nearly watched me die, and for my true friends. Now I have good people around me, I’m training, and I even learning a bit of English,” he tells

Tererê is living in Torquay, England's surf haven.

“It’s a lot better than being shirtless on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, wearing flip-flops crumbling to pieces (laughs)! Now I’m training, living with my girlfriend in Torquay (England), where I don’t plan on opening an academy, but I’m teaching what I now in private classes and visiting academies,” he says in closing.

Tererê and Michael Langhi.

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