Still dreaming of belt, Arona hopes for November return

Arona with partners at new training center. Photo: publicity.

“I watch everything and everybody, I’m keeping up with things, and I can say I have what it takes to the UFC light heavyweight division, the most stacked of them all,” declared Ricardo Arona to Brazil’s Sportv television network.

On this Saturday’s Sensei fight-specific television program, Arona addressed his recovery from knee surgery, showed off the training center he built in his home (half ring, half cage), refused to return to the BTT, spoke of his imminent signing with the UFC and conversation with Dana White, and described what it was like to fight for the first time in his homeland, Brazil, at Bitetti Combat.

Arona plays with little Gabriel. Photos: Publicity

According to Arona, if the doctors give the go-ahead, he’ll fight in November, which would then take him to the UFC light heavyweight division. visited Arona's training center while under construction. Photo: Carlos Ozório

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