Stars already line up for another edition of the WPJJC on April 19-23, in Abu Dhabi


Marcus Buchecha at the 2015 WPJJC

The 2016 World Professional Jiu-Jitsu championship is less than a month away.

This years’ edition is scheduled April 19-23, once again at the IPIC Arena, in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

As usual, hundreds of competitors will clash for big money prizes, totaling US$680,000.

The adult black belt division is already attracting some huge names in search of glory.

Here are some of the biggest ones registered to compete.


+94kg: Gabriel Fedor, Jon Satava, Alex Trans, Marcus Buchecha, Roberto Cyborg, Mahamed Aly, Igor Silva, Ricardo Evangelista.

-94kg: Jackson Santos, Keenan Cornelius, Erberth Santos, Felipe Pena, Andre Galvão.

-85kg: Gustavo Campos, Leandro Lo, Claudio Calasans, Romulo Barral.

-77kg: Gabriel Rollo, Tiago Bravo, Kevin Mahecha, Lucas Lepri, Rodrigo Caporal.

-69kg: Isaque Paiva, Paulo Miyao, Brian Mahecha, Marcio Andre, Gianni Grippo.

-62kg: Hiago George, Wellington Lima, Jose Tiago.

FEMALE (Brown/black)

+70kg: Monique Elias, Tayane Porfirio, Ewelyn Arruda, Fernanda Mazzelli.

-70kg: Luiza Monteiro, Priscila Cerqueira, Luanna Alzuguir, Ana Carolina Srour.

-62kg: Bianca Basilio, Michelle Nicolini, Beatriz Mesquita, Nadia Mello.

-55kg: Ariadne Oliveira, Mackenzie Dern, Marina Ribeiro.

By the way, the registration period for the event closes April 10, so you can still sign up.

Click here to register now.

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