“Sometimes the best treatment is a good rest”

Abmar at 2010 Worlds, still wearing the hairdo he promises to change / Photo: John Lamonica

After six months on ice due to a seriously injured pubis, Abmar Barbosa is getting ready for his competition return.

Abmar shares the lessons he learned during his time on the sidelines, exclusively for readers.

“I suffered an injury that is really common among professional, soccer, tennis and Jiu-Jitsu players. For someone who uses their hips a lot it’s hard to treat, as it’s really deep. The best treatment is a good rest.

“Soccer player Kaká had this type of injury, as did tennis player Guga. Depending on the degree of the injury, recovery can take from eight months to a year and a half!

“I sat out the Pan and the Worlds, but I’m back in training again. I hasten to add that I’m 99% now. Soon I’ll be back to feeling the adrenaline of competition. I haven’t competed in six months; it feels like an eternity to me.

“I’m making the most of it by training the gang; there’s a good bunch heading to the International Masters in Rio and to teach seminars. I’ll be teaching in Canada in August at Drysdale’s affiliates, and then I’ll go to Australia for 45 days to teach.

“Back in 2007 everyone thought I was done for, since I had a knee injury and operated, but I returned winning the brown belt absolute at the Pan, so I’ll be back again – better still, I’m already back.

“But I’ll be back without the Mohawk, wait and see.”


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