Shooto Brazil to hold end-of-2010 GP

Pederneiras also heads training at Nova União. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Shooto Brazil will hold its eighteenth event this Friday in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital city. But André Pederneiras, president of the South American wing of the organization, already has two more installments in the works for before the end of the year.

“Shooto has practically every division there is in MMA. We decided that in Brasilia the under 100 kg (220 bs) belt will be up for grabs, and at the other two stages, we’ll do a tournament to define the under 52 kg champion. By the end of the year we will have champions at both weight groups.

After Brasilia, events will be held on October 17 and in December, which will be broadcast across Brazil on the cable channel Combate. The first leg of the flyweight under-52 kg tournament takes place in October. The grand finale will be held at the December leg, which should also feature other title disputes.

Check out the card for the under-52 kg GP so far (subject to change)

Evandro Brilhante (NU) x Didi

Pedro Masco (RFT) x Maicon

Galo (Ceará) x Paulo Petty (NU)

Lincoln (Gerson Resende) x Jean Buiú (Gracie Barra)

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