Shooto Brazil 20: title fights and proceeds to Will Ribeiro fund

Maicon submits Evandro Brilhante. Photo: Carlos Ozório

The entire gate from the December 11 Shooto Brazil 20 event at Delfim gym in Rio de Janeiro will be donated to the treatment of former MMA fighter Will Ribeiro, who suffered a serious motorcycle accident in 2008 and urgently needs complicated surgery to reconstruct his cranium.

The decision to donate the proceeds was André Pederneiras’s. Pederneiras is the president of the Shooto Brazil organization and a former coach of Ribeiro’s.

“Will needs our support more than ever. The operation will reconstruct his crushed skull and make him appear normal again,” said Pederneiras.

Shooto Brazil 20 will feature six fights with a few title challenges: Carlos Alberto “Betão” (RFT) will have a rematch against bantamweight divisional champion Dudu Dantas (Nova União), while the inaugural Shooto South America flyweight title will be determined between the finalists of the Shooto 19 flyweight GP, Maicon Willian (Nocaute) and Lincoln Sá (Art Combat).

Tickets for the event are on sale at Upper Academy (Rua Marquês de Abrantes, 88 – Flamengo) and Delfim Boxing Academy( Rua Pereira de Siqueira, Tijuca) at a cost of R$ 30.

Check out the card:

Shooto Brazil 20
December 11, 2011
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dudu Dantas (Nova União) vs. Carlos Alberto Betão (RFT)

Leandro Batata (Nova União) vs. Eder Jones (Minotauro Team)

Maicon Willian (Nocaute) vs. Lincoln de Sá (Art Combat)

Leandro Sete Bala (Nova União) vs. Reveilisf Barcellos (Peterson Mello)

Jeferson (RVT) vs. Francisco D´Branco (Beto Padilha)

Antonio Samuray vs. Emenilson Negão (Nova União)

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