Semmy Schilt wins fourth K-1 World GP

For the fourth time, this Saturday, Semmy Schilt won a K-1 World Grand Prix, the organization’s heavyweight tournament. He now shares the record for most World GP wins with Ernesto Hoost. In becoming champion four times over, Schilt beat Jerome LeBanner, Remy Bonjasky and Badr Hari.

Of the seven GP fights, only one did not end by knockout in the first round.

Semmy Schilt wins World GP for fourth time. Photo: FEG

Semmy Schilt wins World GP for fourth time. Photo: FEG

Check out the results:

GP Quarter finals

– Remy Bonjasky defeated Errol Zimmerman by unanimous decision

– Semmy Schilt knocked out Jerome Le Banner in R1

– Alistair Overeem knocked out Ewerton Teixeira in R1

– Badr Hari knocked out Ruslan Karaev in R1

GP semifinal

– Semmy Schilt knocked out Remy Bonjasky in R1

– Badr Hari knocked out Alistair Overeem in R1

GP final

– Semmy Schilt knocked out Badr Hari in R1

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