Ronys and Giovanni with finishes in Portugal

Ronys Torres wins another one. / Photo: Junior Samurai.

There was plenty of MMA going on this Sunday in the Porto region of Portugal, with the maiden event for the Cage Fighters promotion. Of the five fights on the card, the highlight was former UFC fighter Ronys Torres, who notched his tenth win in a row. The Manacapuru native put his Jiu-Jitsu savvy to work and was quick in cinching an armbar on the crafty Vanderson Messias, finishing in the first round.

Another on the card who used the gentle art to good effect was Giovanni Diniz, who got back mount and choked Helson Henriques into submission in the second round.

Cage Fighters
Matosinhos, Portugal
November 13, 2011

Giovanni Diniz subbed Helson Henriques via rear-naked choke in R2
Denis Araújo defeated Diego Marlon via KO
Miro Afonso defeated Bruno Silva
Emílio Tanque defeated Harmenio Neto via KO in R1
Ronnys Torres submitted Vanderson Messias via armbar in R1

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