Rômulo Barral back to the mat, in Vegas

Barral in absolute semifinal at Worlds against Xande / Foto: Ivan Trindade

Following confirmation Kron Gracie is in, another top-tier black belt has guaranteed his presence at the Fernando Paradeda-promoted Abu Dhabi World Pro tryouts to take place January 29 at Las Vegas’s Sports Center arena.

“I’m impressed by how well sign-ups have been going, the event’s going to go off! Now Rômulo Barral is in. His knee has recovered and he’ll make his return to the mat at the Vegas tryouts. A guarantee of good Jiu-Jitsu!” says Paradeda in celebration.

Sign-ups end January 27. However, anyone who signs up by the 18th will receive a discouunt.

Paradeda is also organizing the tryouts in Gramado, Brazil, which begin March 19, and in San Diego (March 6), for which sign-ups are open until February 1st. The three events produced by the black belt boast a number of differences setting them apart from other World Pro tryouts: they will also feature a No-Gi contest (worth a trip to Abu Dhabi) and parallel events for kids and master- and senior-category athletes. In all, from each tryout, thirteen champions will earn all-expenses-paid trips to the main event, in Abu Dhabi, not to mention the money prizes. In all, the rewards from each tryout come to a total of 80 thousand dollars. The events will also be broadcast live.

To find out more about the Las Vegas, San Diego, and Gramado tryouts, click here.

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