Rodolfo Vieira to face light heavyweight Russian at UFC 248

Carlos Arthur Jr.

Undefeated in MMA with six wins, Rodolfo Vieira has a new engagement in the UFC. The black-belt will take on light heavyweight Russian Saparbek Safarov in the middleweight division on March 7th as part of UFC 248, which will be held in Las Vegas.

Rodolfo (6w, 0l) brought all his baggage of BJJ champion into MMA, winning most of his fights by submission (five necks and counting). He has one win in the world’s biggest MMA organization: a kata-gatame applied on Oskar Piechota last August.

Safarov (9w, 2l) has done each of his 11 bouts as a light heavyweight, so he will be dropping one division to fight Rodolfo. Most of his wins have come by TKO, but he has used a rear naked choke and a guillotine as well. His UFC road started out rough, with two losses, but his third match saw him defeat Nicolae Negumereanu, last March.

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