Rio Winter Open: Erberth Santos, Barbara Gomes open class champions, other results

Erberth Santos at the 2015 Rio Winter Open. Photo by Gustavo Aragão

Erberth Santos at the 2015 Rio Winter Open. Photo by Gustavo Aragão

The 2015 Rio Winter Open wrapped up this Sunday in Brazil.

Erberth Santos and Barbara Gomes were the standouts in the adult black belt division.

Santos beat Jaime Canuto for the open class gold medal and Pedro Moura for the superheavy title.

After receiving his medals at the podium, he told GRACIEMAG’s Marcelo Dunlop about his feeling during the weekend: “It’s bad to be booed. The crowd was rooting for my opponents but that’s ok. I have a dream of becoming a big champion. I haven’t visited my mother in the last eight months and I haven’t seen my son for six months. I came here alone once my coach couldn’t make it. I won’t let a few boos from the crowd take me off of my course.”

Barbara came back from a defeat to Leanna Dittrich in the middleweight division to beat Fabiana Santos for the absolute gold.

The other results in the adult black belt division were:

BLACK / Adult / Male / Rooster

First – Raul Gomes Marcello – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

Second – Guilherme Hideki Mori – Nova União

Third – Jorge Luiz Nakamura – GF Team

Third – Bruno Cesar Gomes da Silva Moreno – Nova União RN

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light Feather

First – Philipe Freitas Maciel de Oliveira – Equipe PH

Second – Douglas Rufino da Silva – CheckMat

Third – Gabriel Willcox Furley – Willcox Team

Third – Thomas Lincoln Correa Lisboa – Alliance JJ

BLACK / Adult / Male / Feather

First – Isaque Alberto de Oliveira Paiva – Saikoo Jiu-Jitsu

Second – Gilson Nunes De Oliveira Neto – GF Team

Third – João Humberto A. Ribeiro – Team Carvalho

Third – Onofre Ribeiro Lima – Fabricio International Team – FIT

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light

First – Sandro Gabriel Vieira – CheckMat

Second – Fabio Murat Caloi – Alliance JJ

Third – Lucas Benévolo Valle – Infight Jiu-Jitsu

Third – Luan de Carvalho Alves – Nova União

BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle

First – Vinícius Tavares Marinho – GF Team

Second – Jaime Soares Canuto – GF Team

Third – Jacob Williams Mackenzie – GF Team California

Third – Caio Almeida Silva – Ryan Gracie Team

BLACK / Adult / Male / Medium Heavy

First – Pedro Teixeira Alcantara Pimenta – Ryan Gracie Team

Second – Romulo de Souza Azevedo – Welton Ribeiro

Third – Rodrigo Fajardo – Gracie Barra

Third – Victor Del Corso Bomfim – GF Team

BLACK / Adult / Male / Heavy

First – Marcus Vinícius Moraes dos Santos – GF Team

Second – Marcos Aurélio Goulart Alves Junior – Game Fight BJJ/Manimal

Third – Felipe Menezes Bueno – Alliance JJ

Third – Augusto Cesar Caixeta Batista – Gracie Barra

BLACK / Adult / Male / Super Heavy

First – Erberth Santos de Mesquita – Guigo BJJ

Second – Pedro Henrique de Souza Moura – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

Third – Luiz Felipe Teixeira dos Santos – GF Team

Third – Alex Aparecido Soares – Atrium BJJ

BLACK / Adult / Male / Ultra Heavy

First – Kauê Vitorino Damasceno – Nova União

Second – Otavio Tome Serafim – Barbosa Jiu Jitsu

Third – Kitner Mendonça de Moura – Ryan Gracie Team

Third – Thiago Gaia T. Oliveira Marques – GF Team


BLACK / Adult / Female / Light Feather

First – Alliny Karen Silva Santos – Nova União

Second – Carla Franco – Pedra 90

BLACK / Adult / Female / Feather

First – Andressa Lídia de Souza – Barbosa JJ

Second – Kenia da Silva Lopes – PRM Team

BLACK / Adult / Female / Light

First – Líbia Christal Alves Gonçalves – Braziliam Power Team – Brazil

BLACK / Adult / Female / Middle

First – Leanna M Dittrich – Fight Sports

Second – Barbara Gomes dos Santos – Universidade Católica de Brasília

BLACK / Adult / Female / Medium Heavy

First – Bruna Marques Oliveira Meneses – Barbosa Jiu Jitsu

BLACK / Adult / Female / Heavy

First – Fabiana Pereira Santos – Zenith BJJ

BLACK / Adult / Female / Super Heavy

First – Samela Shoham Lopes Leite – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

Second – Luana Beatriz Gomes Fiquene – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

Third – Marcelle Cantanhede de Almeida – Luciano Mendes

Third – Anna Carolina Luz Tavares – Soul Fighters BJJ

In the teams competition, GF Team took first place followed by Nova União and Alliance.

For the complete results, go to

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