Results of the Brazilian ADCC Trials 2017 — Viscardi Andrade beats Erick Silva in a superfight

Viscardi got the winning takedown with seconds to go. Gabriel Srour

The Brazilian ADCC Trials 2017 took place in Sao Paulo this Saturday, and defined which Brazilians will attend ADCC Finland in September.

A superfight saw Viscardi Andrade start with a takedown on Erick Silva, which, according to the rules, was worth no points. After the first five minutes, points were on, and Erick managed to take the back and score three. Viscardi fought back, taking the back and making things level. With just seconds left on the clock, Viscardi sprung for the legs, achieved a takedown and won 5-3.

World BJJ champion Erberth Santos was upset via heel hook before even the semifinals began, in what was probably the biggest shocker of the day.

See below the results of the finals of the weight classes.


66kg – Pablo Mantovani (Guetho JJ) def. Henrique Gomes (NU) via choke

After a sequence of foot attacks by both, Mantovani mounted, attempted the kata-gatame and ended up achieving a choke from the back.

77kg – Felipe Costa (Barbosa JJ) def. Claudio Caloquinha (Gracie Barra) via decision

After an intense grip exchange, Felipe and Caloquinha attacked each other’s feet and legs on the ground. With an elastic, technical guard, Felipe attacked more, attempted a triangle and tightened Claudio’s arm. Though Claudio didn’t tap out, the judges considered him the loser.

88kg – Murilo Santana (Barbosa JJ) def. Valdir Araújo (Fight Sports) on points

Murilo worked his guard efficiently and reached the back, with a clear submission opportunity. Valdir did not give up — he defended well and managed to get free and attack toward the end, — but Murilo wound up with more points.

99kg – Mahamed Aly (BE One Ep JJ) def. Vinicius Gazola (Alliance) on points

Mahamed started fast with an early kimura attempt. With points being counted past the halfway point, Mahamed hurried to perform a takedown, and then retained control to win 2-0.

Over 99kg – Luiz Panza (Checkmat) def. Kitner Moura (Alliance) via triangle

Panza was trailing after he sat down without touching Kitner. The match went on with ground maneuvering, until Panza managed to sweep and land on the mount, scoring four points. Then he passed the leg and sank a triangle.


60kg – Bianca Basílio (Almeida JJ) def. Renata Marinho (Alliance) via choke

Renata started with a takedown, and Bianca worked well on the guard. As soon as the points were on, Bianca went to the back and choked out her foe.

Over 60kg – Talita Treta (Brotherhood) def. Andresa Correa (Alliance) on points

Andresa started the fight and sat down with no grips in place, giving herself the negative points that would make Talita the champion.

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