Rafael dos Anjos comments on win

White observes Rafael and Bradley during weigh-ins. Photo: Josh Hedges

While still in the stands of the gymnasium, in Virginia, USA, Rafael dos Anjos spoke with about his win over Kyle Bradley at UFC Fight Night 20, this Monday. The triumph marks his second win in a row in the octagon, and came by way of unanimous decision.

Rafael was overjoyed. After two unfavorable results in the organization, he managed to get back on track, breaking even in his record for the organization at 2 to 2.

“I’m really happy about taking command of the three rounds. I fought well standing and I think I was just missing a little bit of adjustment on the finishes. The guy was prepared to defend, but it went just right, the way we wanted it to go. What’s important is that I didn’t get hurt and I won the fight,” he celebrated, now only thinking of further victories down the road.

To make it to his second UFC win, beyond well polished muay thai, Rafa used his main weapon: Jiu-Jitsu.

“I landed a kimura lock twice. I also tried going for the arm, but landed on bottom and the fight went back to the feet. I fought well standing and got the takedown. I also mounted and, if I had a few more seconds, I think I would have finished with the armbar,” he says.

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