Professor Babu seminar, Saturday at Nova União

Fabiano "Babu" Freitas, chefe de escoteiro e professor de Jiu-Jitsu / Foto: publicidade

Outreach project Tatame Legal needs two windows, flooring, paint and electricity; and the Scout master who founded it and teaches there as a volunteer is calling on one and all to attend his seminar from 9 am to noon this Saturday, September 10, at Nova União headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, to help raise the funds needed to this end.

Fabiano “Babu” Freitas (previously profiled here on is a three-stripe André Pederneiras black belt who has been teaching the morning Jiu-Jitsu class at Nova União for over a decade, and the volunteer project he founded three years ago, Tatame Legal, using Jiu-Jitsu to keep the kids of his Morro Azul community on the right path, has the distinction of being possibly the only such class comprised almost entirely of boy and girl scouts, all of whom belong to the only Scout troop located in a favela in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

So if you’re in the Rio de Janeiro area this Saturday and would like to learn from one of Nova União’s finest teachers, head to Nova União’s home base, Academia Upper, at Rua Marquês de Abrantes 96 (right next to Flamengo subway stop), Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro. The 30-real seminar fee gets you not just three hours’ worth of techniques, a certificate of completion, and a chance to win a gi in a raffle, it also gets you the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping a worthy cause.

And to find out more about Babu’s project, visit the website, or contact professor Babu by email at or by telephone at (21)2245-1592 / (21) 9768-7478.

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