Pro advice for Wand to get back to winning ways

All Wanderlei is to be back to his winning ways. Photo: Josh Hedges

Wanderlei Silva will be back in action come February 20, at UFC 110, the organization’s maiden incursion into Australia. He is set to fight England’s Michael Bisping. In his past six fights, the superstar from the days of now-defunct Pride FC has won just once, an unthinkable number compared to when he fought in Japan..

In an article recently published in NOCAUTE magazine, in the December issue, acquaintances of the fighter offered some tips on how he might be able to return to his best. Check out some excerpts from what they had to say:

Mauricio Shogun

“When he went to the UFC a lot of things changed in his career. To adapt to all these changes is not something that happens overnight. Wanderlei is someone who is always ready, and has to work with people he can trust. You must train based on what you are good at, which is to hunt down and knock out people. ”

Anderson Silva

“With Wand it’s a smack down the whole time and you have to be prepared for violence. We had some disagreements in the past, but I have much respect for him. He was Chute Boxe’s flagship and was an inspiration to us all. If advice were something good you wouldn’t give it, you’d sell it! As a friend, I think he has to invest his time in knowledge. Gas and a mindset he has to spare. It’s not a critique, but a constructive opinion. He is a warrior and, with some adjustments, he’ll be really hard to beat. Of that I’m sure. ”

Wand against Rich Franklin, a questipnable loss. Photo: Josh Hedges

Cristiano Marcello

“He has to draw up a different strategy for each opponent and have more faith in his ground game. I believe he has a good Jiu-Jitsu and takedowns. These days he is very refined and focused. So he should train specifically for each opponent.He doesn’t lack potential, no doubt about it, he just needs to organize his training. ”

Murilo Ninja

“Wanderlei still has a great career ahead of him, for sure. He always says and really does have will to fight. This is the main thing. I think he has to focus on fight strategy, training specifically for each opponent. The sport has evolved a lot. It’s not like before, the days of Pride. There was an evolution and we all have to keep up with it. ”

Wand really has been investing in training. Proof of this is how he is back with Coach Rafael Cordeiro, his former master. Check out their prep work for his fight with Bisping in the video below:

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