Pre-ADCC, Bruno Bastos celebrates wins in US

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Bruno Bastos is getting ready for his second venture into the ADCC, this time around taking place September 24 in Nottingham, England. Before that, though, Bruno got to celebrate his students’ victories. At the 24/7 Entertainment MMA event last Saturday, the team came out 100%.

“Rashad Coulter, Neal Ewing and Klayton Mai started things off on a high, all of them winning by first-round knockout. To wrap the party up neatly, Nova União black belt Daniel “Jacaré” Almeida notched his third win on American soil and brought his overall record to 6-1 upon submitting Andre Kavanaugh via rear-naked choke in the opening round,” recounts Bastos.

“In the main event purple belt Clay Hantz took the event’s welterweight belt after beating Micah Franks with an arm-and-neck choke – another first-round win for the team. For sure the guys will be in bigger events soon!” says Bruno, who heads the group’s Jiu-Jitsu training, in closing.

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