Polaris 5 Results: Garry Tonon Tops Bitter Rival Dillon Danis With Unanimous Decision

Garry Tonon has done it again!

One of the Danaher Death Squad’s most notorious members has topped his bitter rival, Dillon Danis in the main event of Polaris 5.

The two had a lot of animosity coming up to the match, with Dillon talking trash about the entire Renzo Gracie team and pushing his head into Garry’s during the weigh in.

Garry, of course, did not just sit back and take Dillon’s insults. He took frequent jabs at “Danus” on social media, dying his hair like his and even getting a henna tattoo to mock Danis’ ink.

But when it came to the actual match, the two were as civil as could be.

Both fighters started out with a slap and fist bump before locking horns. Garry went to his back and Dillon tried to pass.

The rest of the match told a similar tale. Garry would usually end up on his back and Dillon would try to pass. Tonon also utilized his leg lock expertise to put Danis on the defensive. Dillon, however, was able to explode out and get away.

Garry scored a couple of nice takedowns during the match, hitting a double leg. Dillon also showed some aggression, attempting some back takes, but he was never able to get anything.

Over all, Tonon showed much more aggression, and along with his takedowns, that earned him the win.

When it was all said and done, Garry bowed to his opponent and Dillon shook his hand. It is doubtful that the animosity between these two has been completely extinguished, but you have to respect these fighters for being able to keep their hatred of each other off the mats.

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