Polaris 24: Full Results

Polaris is one of Europe’s biggest professional grappling promotions and its most recent edition, Polaris 24, was held at Fairfield Halls in London, UK, on Saturday 3 June 2023.

The full Polaris 24 main card replay is available to watch on UFC Fight Pass.

Main Card Results

  • Welterweight Title: Mateusz Szczecinski defeats Jed Hue via Straight Ankle-Lock
  • Lightweight Title: Ethan Crelinsten defeats Nathan Orchard via Decision
  • Dinu Bucalet defeats Ollie Webb via Decision
  • Martina Zola defeats Rosie Clarke via Decision
  • Eoghan O’Flanagan defeats Hunter Colvin via Decision
  • Jason Rau defeats Matty Holmes via Armbar
  • Keith Krikorian defeats Tom Halpin via Rear-Naked Choke

Preliminary Results

  • Shanelle Dyer defeats Julia Scardone via Omoplata wrist-lock combo
  • Yousuf Nabi defeats Matt Inman via Decision
  • Ash Grimshaw defeats Fabrizio Calio via Decision
  • Wali Abduklah defeats Nathan Kay via Decision
  • Chris Macken defeats Jaye Paul via Heel Hook
  • Nathan Jones defeats Jack Gover via Rear-Naked Choke
  • Sandro Tevzadze defeats Alex Salisbury via Decision
  • Jack Tyley defeats Peter Shamarkou via Knee Bar
  • Hejraat Rashid defeats Muhammed Mustafa via Heel Hook
  • Gabriele Schuck defeats Injana Goodman via Decision
  • Will Nichols defeats Leo Blum via Decision
  • Ricardo Cidra defeats Alexey Egorov via Decision
  • Ethan Weston defeats Amir Marouani via Arm-in Triangle Choke

Watch the Preliminary Card for free on YouTube here

The post Polaris 24: Full Results appeared first on Grappling Insider.

The post Polaris 24: Full Results appeared first on Grappling Insider.

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